Creating a Self-Aware Lara Croft that Plays Tomb Raider

This video may be inaccurate and is made for entertainment.

It sums the process of creating an AI that plays Tomb Raider like Lara Croft would.

For those that only watch the result you must know this isn’t a live-result, I explain it in the video, the game is paused everytime there is a comment generating, the result you see here is all the parts merged together, and there are a lot. It means you couldn’t have a normal conversation with Lara Croft because each comment takes many minutes to generates.

Lara is still an AI trying to make us believe she is aware, this AI is just good at it because I asked it to take into consideration Lara’s personality, it knows her personality because I told it all I knew about Lara Croft. It sounds realistic because of the voice and the „live-effect”, but if you only focus on the comments you’ll notice it’s still a robot, everything it says or does can be explained.

This video shows what happens when you use multiple free AI to make something, this is an example to make people realize the potential of these technologies combine, of couse I didn’t made these technologies, they are availbable and you can try them.

Our human brain is still more efficient and having a normal conversation in real life is way more impressive than this demo, we must take time to appreciate it because the fact we are all self-aware is more fascinating than anything, enjoy this crazy capacity and use the AI for good.

Dall-E: „a girl in headphones is playing a video game tomb raider”

Dall-E: „a girl in headphones is playing a video game the last of us part 2”

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