hiberfil.sys – deleting and disabling the hibernation file

Microsoft systems such as Windows 7, 8, or 10 store this memory content to the hiberfil.sys file, which can use several GBs of space depending on the software, system version and type of device you’re using.

Windows creates this system memory file even if you never use Hibernate mode or Sleep mode, which also uses the hibernation method. We’ll explain how to delete the hiberfil.sys file and prevent the automatic creation of a new hiberfil.sys file if you don’t use the hibernation feature in Windows.

What is hiberfil.sys?

How to delete and disable the hiberfil.sys file



Image by Dall-E via Bing: a punk girl is deleting and disabling the hibernation file in Windows 10 desktop computer, dark room with posters and mess over desk, difuse light, night lamp is on

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